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Greensburg Prevention Group




June 2023


Greensburg, Indiana

Project type

Photography, Graphic Design

Sefton Creative Co. partnered with the Greensburg Prevention Group to create visually engaging "Be The Wall" posters. These posters feature students from various schools in Decatur County, Indiana, who have made a sincere commitment to prioritize healthy choices in their lives.

In addition to designing the posters, our team had the privilege of capturing the essence of these dedicated students through photography. Through a combination of compelling design and authentic photography, we brought to life the spirit of the "Be The Wall" campaign. These posters serve as a powerful reminder of the positive influence young individuals can have when they choose to lead by example. Sefton Creative Co. is proud to have played a role in both designing and photographing this initiative, which inspires and empowers the next generation to make healthy, positive choices.

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