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5 Tips for Better Interviews

Welcome back to Creative Connection! This week, we will be continuing on the topic of video, discussing interviews. Interview videos utilize the perspective of those within the organization to tell stories. As a nonprofit, you have one goal: converting. You have to convert engagements to donations and donations to impacts. Therefore, each second you have the attention of your target audience, you must use it effectively. For that reason, I am giving you five tips for creating outstanding interview videos:

  1. Break the ice.The vast majority of people are a little shy on camera. Get your camera set up, point it in their direction, and crack a dumb joke! Get them comfortable with you and with the setup.

  2. Get great B-roll. B-roll footage is the supplemental footage you add in to help tell stories. You’ll see in the video below that as the nonprofit executive is speaking, I switched to B-roll of volunteers working because it helps convey the point.

  3. Interview people without titles. There’s only so much perspective an executive or staff member can bring. Tap into the perspective of volunteers and patrons, too.

  4. Incorporate other elements. Maybe it’s a strategic background choice, a logo in the lower right corner, some light background music, or a unique lighting technique. Whatever it is, make every move intentional.

  5. Only use the best. Don’t concern yourself with time constraints. Don’t add in poor video just to hit the five-minute mark. Use the best clips you’ve got and leave out anything less.

Those are my five tips to better interview videos. Hope they help you tell your stories! Check back next week for tips on logo creation, and in the meantime, watch this simple interview video below that I created for a local nonprofit.

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