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When you have a rockstar brand ...


Your audience recognizes your organization and what makes you unique.


Prospects trust you and turn into paying clients.


You can count on future business, and position you for long-term growth.



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Craft a brand that captures your awesomeness

There's something special about your business. How do I know? Because you'd be out of business if there wasn't.

Wouldn't it be great to allow your uniqueness to shine through every facet of your organization?

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A creative agency focused on growth.

I am here to help you determine how to tell your story to your audience in the best way possible. We'll start with an in-depth analysis of who you are as an organization and use this info to guide us on our quest for a to share your message with your market. Your brand is the key driver of your reputation. Bad reputations lead to stagnant businesses. But creative brands empower you to grow like never before.

My Process

I like to keep the process simple and easy for you.

Together, we will develop a vision for your brand, and then I'll get to work.



I'll work with you to discover who you are and what makes you unique in your market.



We will talk about who you are as an organization, what you stand for, and what resonates with your audience.



I'll get to work on the new identity and also develop some swag so you're ready to launch.



It's go time! We'll work together to employ the identity across your print media and online platforms.

Total Brand Suite

The Total Brand Suite is something you may not find anywhere else! Imagine if everything you ever needed to build a killer brand came in one nice, neat little box. HERE IT IS!

The Total Brand Suite by Sefton Creative Co. provides you with:

  • useful market research tailored for you

  • a custom brand strategy* unique to your organization

  • clearly laid-out brand promise, archetype, and voice

  • a new visual identity* complete with logo, color palette, typography, textures and patterns, design elements, and more

  • marketing collateral* designs to start using right away

40+ pages of useful content!

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  • *Brand Strategy
    Many people think that a brand is nothing more than a good logo, but it's so much more than that! It's encompasses the promise you make to customers, the values you embody, and the voice you use to communicate. And yes, logos, colors, and typography are included, too. All of these individuals must work together in order to develop a sustainable brand. The brand strategy is the foundation of your organization, and it's what helps you maintain consistency in order to build trust in the eyes of your market. These values guide every aspect of your organization. This strategy takes into account, not only what you bring to the table, but also what your competitors bring. It gives you a holistic view of your market to help you gain a better understanding of your competitive advantages. By the end of our time together, you'll have a complete brand strategy. This includes a brand archetype, a brand strategy, strategic messaging, and values. With this, your team will be able to learn your brand inside and out to enable them to convey it accurately.
  • *Visual Identity
    Your organization's visual identity guides how your market perceives your brand. And sometimes, they judge your brand before they ever even engage with it. That's why it's important to make a good first impression. My job is to help you identify who you're talking to. After all, you communicate with your granny differently than you do with a college kid. Once we identify the "who," we can under stand the "how." How do we communicate you to your market? Based on your brand's personality, I will help you choose the colors, fonts, and styles that make your brand shine, and develop a new logo that perfectly communicates who you are. I'm all about creativity and consistency. The important thing to note is that this is a team effort. I will never tell you who you are or who I think you should be, but I will facilitate a strategic process that leads you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • *Marketing Collateral
    Sure, online marketing is growing every day. But there's a reason why business cards and brochures are still printed. They work! The goal is to keep your organization at top of your market's minds. I will work with you to develop some awesome promotional collateral or company swag to make sure that your market never forgets your name.
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