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Does content REALLY matter?


Nearly 1/3 of businesses say that photos are their most important form of content.


80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing strategy.


Tweets receive 150% more retweets when they are paired with engaging content.

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You need content that reflects you.

One of the best ways you can engage your audience is to show, not tell. You can write a beautiful story, but people like to see, hear, and feel. When you use engaging content, you can put your audience in your story!

Image by Robert Shunev

so how do we do it?

Engaging content really isn't all that complex. Here at Sefton Creative Co., we recommend the use of photography, videography, and graphic design to help tell your story. Each form of content is used to capture the attention of your audience, transport them into the story you're telling, and make them feel like they play a valuable role in your brand. Why? Because they do!

My Process

I like to keep the process simple and easy for you.

Together, we will develop a content strategy that works for you, and then I'll get to work.



We will chat about how you envision your content.



I will shoot the photos, capture the videos, or design the graphics.



You will review the deliverables to ensure that they are exactly what you're looking for.



I will give you the content for use in your print and/or online marketing efforts.

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Photos, Videos, &

Graphics ... Oh My!

With custom content curated by Sefton Creative Co., your audience will see the real you.

Here's what sets Sefton Creative Co. content apart:

  • custom for each client

  • tailored to match your existing brand

  • engaging, exciting, and innovative

  • created by an experienced pro

  • edited in house

  • proofs to make sure you're super happy

Let's create a brand that shows.

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