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All for One Ministry

I’ve been with All for One Ministry since its start in 2014. Some features of this website include an event calendar, which acts as a hub for individuals seeking to participate in our various activities. The calendar provides an at-a-glance overview of upcoming events and offers detailed information, such as event descriptions, schedules, and registration links. Additionally, the website hosts an advanced online giving platform that simplifies the donation process. Seamless integration with secure payment gateways ensures that users can contribute to All for One with confidence and ease.The website also includes several submittable form integrations. These forms efficiently allow visitors to contact us, submit inquiries, and share feedback. By strategically placing these forms across relevant pages, I’ve facilitated a seamless exchange of information, enabling them to respond promptly to inquiries and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

Website Mockups.png
Solutions Provided
- Brand Development
- Website Design
- Photography/Videography
- Copywriting
- Social Media Management
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