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Decatur County United Fund, Sefton Creative Co., Greensburg, Indiana, Nonprofit, Videography

Decatur County United Fund




June 2023


Greensburg, Indiana

Project type


Sefton Creative Co. had the privilege of collaborating with the Decatur County United Fund (DCUF) in Greensburg, Indiana, on their annual campaign video, a cornerstone of their fundraising efforts that resonates with donors, corporate sponsors, and the broader community. Our partnership with Executive Director Joane Cunningham aimed to craft a compelling video that effectively communicated DCUF's mission and inspired unwavering support for their cause.

Through meticulous planning, heartfelt storytelling, and captivating visuals, our team illuminated the heart of DCUF's work. We shed light on the transformative impact of their initiatives, emphasizing the profound difference made in the lives of those touched by their mission. This video stands as a powerful testament to DCUF's dedication and commitment to community improvement, serving as an impassioned call to action that motivates individuals and corporations alike to join hands with DCUF in creating positive change. Sefton Creative Co. takes great pride in our contribution to the success of DCUF's annual campaign, recognizing that every dollar raised directly benefits and uplifts the community they tirelessly serve.

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