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New Directions




August 2023


Greensburg, Indiana

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Sefton Creative Co. had the privilege of collaborating with New Directions, a vital domestic violence shelter in Greensburg, Indiana, committed to providing support and safety for survivors of domestic violence. Our partnership with New Directions was dedicated to creating an impactful video for their annual Wine & Roses fundraiser, a project that carried immense significance.

The Power of Personal Testimony: For this project, we crafted a poignant testimonial video featuring a survivor who had benefited from New Directions' services. This survivor's personal story served as a powerful reminder of the critical role New Directions plays in the community, providing support and hope to those affected by domestic violence.

Amplifying Voices, Inspiring Change: The video we produced showcased the transformative impact of New Directions, moving hearts and inspiring change among viewers. It not only served as a testament to the resilience of survivors but also highlighted the shelter's dedication to fostering healing and empowerment.

Our collaboration with New Directions exemplifies the incredible power of storytelling and media in raising awareness and support for essential causes. Sefton Creative Co. is honored to have played a role in amplifying the voices of survivors and contributing to the vital work of New Directions in helping individuals affected by domestic violence rebuild their lives and find hope for a brighter future.

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