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Rush County Schools




April 2023


Rushville, Indiana

Project type


Video Production for Rush County Community Schools (RCCS):

Sefton Creative Co. collaborated with Superintendent Jim Jameson and his administration team to create an impactful video showcasing the excellence of Rush County Community Schools (RCCS) amidst a competitive landscape of school choice. Through close engagement and thorough research, we uncovered the remarkable programs and opportunities RCCS offered to its students. Our creative journey resulted in a compelling video that not only celebrated RCCS's strengths but also positioned it as the preferred choice for parents seeking quality education. This video stands as a testament to the dedication of Superintendent Jameson and his team, showcasing RCCS's unique spirit and educational excellence.

Our partnership with Rush County Community Schools in Rushville, Indiana exemplifies our commitment to promoting and celebrating educational institutions, ensuring they stand out and thrive in a dynamic educational landscape.

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