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Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness




March 2023


Batesville, Indiana

Project type

Web Design, Photography, Videography

Sefton Creative Co. had the privilege of collaborating with Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness, a prominent establishment in Batesville, Indiana. Our multifaceted partnership focused on enhancing their digital presence and overall brand identity through a range of creative initiatives.

Website Revamp: Our journey began with the creation of a new website that not only reflected Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness's commitment to holistic health but also provided a user-friendly platform for their clients. The website became a virtual gateway, offering valuable information and appointment booking options to their community.

Brand Photography: To convey the essence of Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness, we conducted brand photography sessions that captured the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their practice. These visuals served as a visual narrative, showcasing the caring environment and dedicated staff.

Informative Video: In addition to photography, we crafted an informative video that effectively communicated Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness's approach to wellness and chiropractic care. This video served as a powerful tool to educate potential clients about their services and philosophy.
Our partnership with Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness represents the transformative power of a comprehensive digital and branding strategy in conveying a healthcare practice's mission and commitment to the community. Sefton Creative Co. is honored to have played a pivotal role in helping Wallpe Chiropractic & Wellness serve their clients in Batesville, Indiana, and beyond with excellence and care.

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