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First Christian Church




November 2022


Greensburg, Indiana

Project type

Web Design, Photography

At Sefton Creative Co., we embarked on a multifaceted digital transformation journey with First Christian Church in Greensburg, Indiana. This comprehensive effort encompassed several key projects, each aimed at enhancing the church's online presence and community engagement.

Website Redesign and SEO Excellence: Our first mission was to overhaul the church's website, not only giving it a fresh and modern look but also optimizing it for search engines. Through meticulous SEO strategies, we propelled First Christian Church to become one of the top-ranked churches in Greensburg, making it easier for individuals to discover and connect with the church online.

Capturing the Worship Experience: One memorable Sunday morning, our team had the privilege of being on location to capture the essence of First Christian Church's worship service through photography. These vivid visuals now grace the website, offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant worship community that the church nurtures.

A Personal Welcome Video with Pastor Ray Sweet: We also had the pleasure of crafting a warm and inviting welcome video for the church's homepage, featuring Pastor Ray Sweet. This video introduces visitors to Pastor Ray Sweet on a personal level, extending a virtual handshake and a heartfelt welcome to anyone exploring the church online.

Our collaboration with First Christian Church underscores the transformative power of digital initiatives in building connections and spreading positive messages. Sefton Creative Co. is honored to have played a pivotal role in advancing the church's mission of outreach and community engagement through these impactful projects.

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