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Phase Financial LLC, Kelby Owens, Greensburg, Indiana.

Phase Financial, LLC


April 2023


Greensburg, Indiana



Project type

Web Design, Social Media Management, Photography, Signage

Social Media and Website Transformation for Phase Financial:

Before Sefton Creative Co. stepped in, Phase Financial faced significant challenges in establishing an effective online presence. Their Facebook page was inactive, lacking engagement, and their website was non-existent. Recognizing their potential, we initiated a comprehensive digital transformation.

Facebook Presence: We revitalized Phase Financial's social media presence by setting up and optimizing their Facebook page. Through strategic content planning, regular posts, and engaging visuals, we brought life to their social media. The result was a vibrant online community and a significant increase in followers and engagement.

Website Creation: Simultaneously, we designed a professional website that perfectly aligned with Phase Financial's unique services and vision. This website became their digital storefront, providing essential information to potential clients and instilling trust. Shortly after its launch, the website started to attract meaningful traffic and played a pivotal role in generating inquiries. Phase Financial's online credibility improved significantly, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.

Our partnership with Phase Financial in Greensburg, Indiana is a testament to the power of strategic social media management and establishing a robust online presence. We take pride in helping them on their digital transformation journey, ensuring their long-term success in the digital landscape.

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