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5 Marketing Strategies to Up Your Social Media Game

Social media marketing involves creating content for social media platforms to promote products or services, build community with the target audience, and drive traffic to a business. Each platform has a different audience and impact, and a tailored strategy is necessary for each. Benefits of social media marketing include increasing brand awareness, generating leads and boosting conversions, and fostering relationships with customers. To succeed in social media marketing, brands should create engaging content, interact with their followers, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and features. If you're looking to grow your reach on social media, here are some of the most important tactics you can implement.

1. Choose Stories Over Sales Pitches

Social media is a vast pool of information, but it can be hard to stand out among the competition. To make your content unique, try using storytelling techniques. Storytelling is a powerful way to convey messages and engage your audience on social media. It involves using facts and narratives to communicate and convey specific messages to the audience, with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. The key to good storytelling is to create engaging stories that make people attentive listeners. Social media storytelling is the process of using social media to communicate about your brand to captivate your audience. Good storytelling can connect emotionally with people, evoke action, add value, and leave a lasting impression on their memory. To be a great storyteller on social media, you must know your audience, develop compelling stories, write creatively, and make your story meaningful. By choosing stories over sales pitches, you can build your brand's personality and easily connect with your audience.

2. Post A Variety of Content

When it comes to social media content, Dollar Shave Club found that humor was a great way to boost engagement. Their campaign, which poked fun at a competitor's claim that their razors were so high-quality they could be used for a month, resulted in a 24% increase in social media mentions and more than 320,000 new followers. But humor isn't the only type of content that can wow your fans. According to an article by Oberlo, there are seven different types of social media content to consider: educational, inspirational, interactive, connecting, promotional, newsworthy, and entertaining. Each type can be leveraged in different ways, from using infographics to educate and inform potential buyers to creating social media contests that encourage user-generated content. Ultimately, the key is to post a variety of content that provides value to your audience and keeps them engaged with your brand.

3. Humanize Your Brand

The key to building an audience, selling a product, or providing a service is building trust. This can be achieved by humanizing your brand, making it relatable, interesting, and most importantly, human. People respond to people, so it's crucial to display a consistent voice for your brand and put a face to a name. This can be done by assigning a particular personality and style for delivery and interaction, allowing everyone involved with your brand to maintain that persona. To humanize your brand, it's essential to share valuable content and engage with your audience, be transparent in sharing your story, stay true to your brand self, focus on building relationships through social media, take your audience behind the scenes, and show gratitude to build genuine relationships with people. By connecting with your audience on a human level, you can build trust and encourage long-lasting support.

4. Share Quality Visual Content

Video and images are essential in capturing audience attention in our visually focused world. The ease of producing and sharing visual content has made it easier than ever to create engaging content. Pictures can communicate a story quickly and effectively while also conveying a message at lightning speed. Bright colors, humor, provocation, surprise, and eye-catching visuals can keep a viewer engaged. In social media, high-quality unique images and accurate captions help optimize search engine traffic to the content. Video marketing is growing and needs to be creative and simple, with a strong hook in the beginning. Pictures, graphics, and videos are essential in giving content an exciting and eye-catching element.

5. Know Your Audience

Knowing your social media target audience means identifying a highly specific and detailed group of people who are likely to buy your product/service. This can be done by creating or identifying buyer personas based on demographics like age, job, income level, education, location, or behavior. You also need to find out where your audience is most active by identifying which social platforms they use the most. Looking at your competitors, surveying your customers, and searching Facebook groups are other effective ways to find your target audience. By identifying your target audience, you can better tailor your marketing campaigns and increase engagement amongst your audience.

Social media can truly be one of the most transformative ways to tell your story and advance your mission. Here at Sefton Creative Co., we are here to help you win the social media game. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, we would love to chat with you! Book a free Discovery Session now!

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