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August in Review: Our Busiest Month Yet

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

As summer winds down and we embrace the changing seasons, it's the perfect time to reflect on the exciting projects that unfolded at Sefton Creative Co. during the month of August. While our primary focus remains on nurturing the growth and success of our cherished monthly marketing and coaching clients, August brought us the opportunity to collaborate on some extraordinary endeavors outside our regular commitments. Let's dive into the notable projects that made August a memorable month for us!

1. The Rock Bible Church: A New Online Presence and Fresh Signage

In August, we had the privilege of working with The Rock Bible Church to revamp their digital footprint and physical presence. Our team poured creativity and expertise into launching a new website that not only showcases their values and mission but also provides a user-friendly experience for their online community. In addition, we collaborated on designing fresh signage that reflects the vibrant spirit of the church, welcoming congregants and newcomers alike with open arms.

2. Welcoming Mike Sefton: A New Chapter Begins

August marked an exciting milestone as we welcomed Mike Sefton to the Sefton Creative Co. family. Mike is a dedicated and community-focused real estate agent affiliated with RE/MAX. Sefton Creative Co. proudly provides him with comprehensive services, including social media marketing, professional photography, and captivating videography.

3. Captivating Videos: Transforming Stories into Visual Magic

One of the highlights of August was our partnership with several outstanding organizations to produce captivating videos. We delved into the worlds of Liberty Baptist, New Directions, Industrial Integration Academy, and United Fund, weaving their narratives into visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos. These videos serve as powerful tools for these organizations to convey their messages, engage their audiences, and drive their missions forward.


August was a month filled with creativity, collaboration, and the thrill of bringing meaningful projects to life. At Sefton Creative Co., we're not only committed to our monthly marketing and coaching clients but also dedicated to making a positive impact on the wider community. We're proud to have played a part in enhancing the online presence of The Rock Bible Church, welcoming Mike Sefton, and producing captivating videos for Liberty Baptist, New Directions, Industrial Integration Academy, and United Fund.

As we move forward, we remain inspired by the diverse range of projects that come our way! We look forward to what the future holds and can't wait to see the positive impact these projects will have on our clients and their respective communities. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to more exciting endeavors ahead!

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